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3040 22nd St.


747 Shotwell St.


The existing structures were built between 1886 and 1900.  The original Shotwell St. house (built in 1886) has approximately 1,500 square feet.

The Polish Club Hall has approximately 4,000 square feet. The entire lot, including the parking area is approximately 7,914 square feet.


1929 SF Public Library Photo





  • Early Polish societies in Northern California held their meetings in private homes or in rented rooms.  The oldest Polish group in Northern California, the Polish Society of California, met for many years at the Russ House, and later in time rented an office on Golden Gate Avenue.



  • The first documents to mention the Polish Club are found in the board minutes of the Polish Society of California.  These records are preserved in the club’s library


  • On 8/2/25, Miss Wyrozynska from the Polish Literary and Dramatic Circle (and later Mr. Tomaszewski of the Polish Society of California) organized committees that were charged with creating a Polish home.  The first joint meeting of the three societies was held in October 1925.


  • In addition to raising funds, bylaws were created by the newly united societies.  The Polish Society of California and the St. Stanislaus Benevolent Society contributed the bulk of the money used to purchase the Polish Club on 22nd Street; the relatively new non-profit Polish Literary and Dramatic Circle served as the spiritual engine and soul of the enterprise.



  • The three societies of the Polish Club chose from their membership societies a delegation of directors to the new board.  The Polish Society of California and the St. Stanislaus Benevolent Society each elected six directors; the Polish Literary and Dramatic Circle contributed three directors.  The configuration of the current Board of Directors consists of three members from each member society. 


  • The first recorded meeting at the newly created Polish Club was held on October 1, 1926 by the Polish Society of California.


  • Active community members after WWI were Stanisław A. Bloński, Paweł Brzuza, Feliz Gottlicher, Henryk Piatkiewicz, Lucyan Markiewicz, E. Potasz, and Florian and Józefa Niklasiewicz, and later, Michael [Michał] Maslach, Katarzyna Pich, Albin Isaeff, and Victor [Wiktor] Wielgosz.




The mission of today’s Polish Club is to serve as a center for the

propagation of Polish culture, art, language and community.



Poles in Early California



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